Mavco delivers integrated services which combine the insurance, legal governance and workplace injury management experience of our team. The services are aimed at more holistically advising our clients on all key areas of risk associated with their business and organisations.

Our service mindset is to act as the internal insurance and risk management resource of our clients, underpinned by a true partnership approach.

Insurance Broking

The provision of pro-active insurance broking advice and advocacy is the core service offering of Mavco. Our clear focus and objective is to always act in the best interests of our client.  Core services include:

  • Initial risk identification and assessment.
  • Development of recommended risk mitigations, including insurance placement and self-insurance options.
  • Collation of key client information for presentation to the market.
  • Negotiation of Policy coverage and premium conditions with Insurers.
  • Presentation of recommended Insurer proposals for the client’s instructions.
  • Formal placement and administration of insurance cover in the market.
  • Insurance claim and dispute resolution advocacy.
  • General advice on insurance-related matters.

Insurance Programs Audits

For prospective client partners, we can undertake an independent and commitment free audit of existing insurance programs, identifying key uninsured risks, recommended alternative placement strategies and premium cost saving opportunities.  

Workplace Injury Claim Management

We provide specialist support to Employer clients to manage claims involving employees who are injured or become unwell during the course of their employment. We understand the early return to work of employees is critical to their individual well-being, whilst also mitigating the impact of Workers’ Compensation claims for their Employer. Our services include:

  • Initial assessment of workplace injury incidents and advising Employers on claim notification and return to work strategy.
  • Preparation of return to work plans.
  • Where required, facilitating the appointment of specialist advisors including legal representation and rehabilitation providers.
  • Preparation of claim notification documentation.
  • Attendance at Workers’ Compensation claims review meetings between the client partner and their Insurer.
  • Identification of causative factors leading to workplace injuries.
  • Management of Insurer claim reserving.
  • Review of work-place sites to determine the safety of working systems and practices.
  • Design, development and implementation of workplace health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Ongoing training and support.

General Claims Management

The legal qualifications and litigation experience of the Mavco team ensure that general claims services are delivered pro-actively and clearly communicated to all key client stakeholders. The scope of our services includes the following

  • Advising on the engagement of legal representatives, third-party loss adjusters and experts.
  • Assessment of claims reports and legal advice, and then recommending strategy towards claim resolution.
  • Regular reporting of claim developments.
  • Recommending strategies to mitigate the risk of future claims.

Contractual Risk Management

Contractual risk management services are integral to our support of client partners when they engage with commercial, operational and financial stakeholders. We review the insurance related issues arising from liability, indemnity, hold-harmless, consequential loss, fitness for purpose insurance compliance, liquidated damages and other similar provisions. Our advice is focused on ensuring that client partners do not assume contractual risks which extend beyond their insurance coverage, and to recommend alternative approaches to overcome risks which may be uninsured. The legal qualifications and experience of our team underpins these services

Premium Funding

We have access to a broad range of competitive premium funding companies who can assist client partners to finance the payment of insurance premiums on an instalment basis.

Risk Profiling and Evaluation

We advocate client partners participating in risk profiling exercises to identify the full range of potential business interruption exposures to their business. The objective is to identify the exposures which can be managed through alternative mitigation strategies including insurance.  The scope of services includes:

  • Identification and assessment of major loss scenarios posing a business interruption risk.
  • Financial assessment of insured declared values and recommended Indemnity Periods for disclosure to Insurers.
  • Claims preparation and management of business interruption claims.